Best portable air conditioner 2017

Best Portable Air Conditioner 2017

Best Portable Air Conditioner 2017

We serve Computer Owners, IT Managers, HVAC Contractors, Internet Service Providers, Industrial Suppliers, and Rental Companies Nationwide and provide Dealers and Business users with products, training and design services. We do not sell camper, mobile home or residential cooling equipment. We serve the Commercial User only and do not sell inexpensive “throwaway” equipment.

For computer rooms our best portable air conditioner is “plug & play” and perfect for everyday use or as a standby source of cooling. It is fully capable of the rigors of 24/7 operation is quiet, compact, attractive and has a very tough warranty. We will even deliver and install it for you. Choose from air cooled or water cooled air conditioners.

For the United States Military, we Special Build units to operate in high temperature environments (like Kuwait @ 125 degrees F.) and equip them with special components to protect against sand and dust destruction. These same units are extremely effective in the most challenging manufacturing and industrial hot spots. If you would like your equipment trailer mounted or complete with its own electrical power (generator) just let us know.

For spot cooling people or products in manufacturing environments using our portable evaporative cooler may give the best results. We offer two types of evaporative coolers: the Port-A-Cool and the WayCool. What is Evaporative Cooling?

Port-a-Cool 2002Water-Cooled Portable evaporative cooling Systems

Port-A-Cool 2002, the next generation of portable evaporative cooling systems.  All units are UL approved for safety, updated and re-designed to reflect the latest technology. Available in 16″, 24″, 36″, and the new 48″ fan size. Operating simply with electricity and water at a fraction of the cost of standard air-conditioning and no drain is required. Port-A-Cool is capable of reducing the ambient air temperature an average of 18 to 25 degrees in dry climates and 8 to 12 degrees in humid climates.

Our business has provided the Companies of North America with portable air conditioners for 11 years and now with the latest innovation in the portable marketplace – portable heat pumps. Our equipment is frequently available the same day, for rent or purchase, in 41 cities of the continental United States. What ever your need, where ever you work we will solve your heat related issues. Partners

Portable Air Conditioners – Our portable air conditioners come as air cooled or water cooled models. They will allow you to cool any environment from a shop or assembly area to a server room or executive board room. All units are made in the United States. Read Why Cool to see how our spot coolers will benefit your personnel.

AirBossThe Air-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner

Our compressor works as low as 60 degrees and the warranty is a full 5 years on the compressor system. Auto-restart after power failure. Quiet and made in United States. Our portable air conditioners can be taken with you from one location to another:

  • Computer, Server & Telecom Rooms
  • Emergency cooling, After-hours cooling in office buildings, Inner offices
  • Factory production cooling, Industrial work stations, Laboratories, Warehouses, Shop offices
  • Outdoor cooling for patios & decks, Rental for Tents and Event cooling.

Water-Cooled Air Conditioners from 7,000 btu to 60,000 btu. Some models available as heat pump.Polaris Series – The Portable Water-Cooled Air Conditioner

A water-cooled air conditioner transfers the heat, from the room being cooled, into the water supply. A water “supply”, condensate, & drain line are necessary.

Marine Series – Water-Cooled Marine Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

These units are based upon our water-cooled Kompac and are equipped with 90/10 Naval Spec Cupro-Nickel sea water tubing and condensers to protect against harsh seawater. All water fittings are naval bronze and water tubing is brazed with 50% solder for strength and durability. With the reverse cycle heat pump option, these units can provide reliable year-round comfort.

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